I'm Victor Marinsky and this is my personal technical blog. I’m pleased to meet you here.

Who am I?

I'm Software Engineer. Software is my passion, hobby and job.

I received my BSc in Electronics and Communications and started my career as an Embedded Engineer. I spent about 2 years writing code for micro-controllers, FGPAs and doing some "hardware" work. Over the course of those years, I discovered that I have a greater passion for software. So I transitioned to working on software only, while simultaneously, getting my MSc in Computer Science.

After that, I worked in huge enterprises developing client-server applications, in early-stage startups developing cross-platform libraries and high-performance middleware layers. Over the last years, I have been passionately and fully focused on scalable and massively distributed systems.

Currently, I live in Canada in a small and beautiful suburb of Toronto with my lovely wife and two kids. I'm working as a software consultant in a talented and passionate team, specializing in scalable systems, distributed computing and big data. In my spare time I like to watch and play basketball, I like to run a couple of times a week and I enjoy playing deduction and bluffing board games with friends.

I had a pleasure to work with many different programming languages, message queues and databases. I'm a fan of functional programming and defensive development style with a lot of testing, static and dynamic analysis. So this blog is not about one particular technology; you will find my thoughts about different tools, programming languages and frameworks here, as well as thoughts which are not related to software development.

Why write a blog?

I've read many amazing articles and blog-posts during my career (and I continue to do so). I learned a lot from them and improved as an engineer. Sometimes, those articles saved tons of my time and I'm extremely grateful to all the people, who put in time and effort to share their experiences. So... I have a desire to contribute. Hopefully, my experiences will benefit someone as well.

It's not a weekly or daily blog, as I like to play and work with technologies more than I like writing, but I will try to post about something interesting, which always comes up in my day-to-day work.

Contact me

If you want to contact me directly, feel free to shoot an email to victor.marinsky@gmail.com.


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Since I am in a consulting business and some clients explicitly ask us to have the following statement even in personal blogs, I have to emphasize that opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone. They do not reflect the opinions of my past or present employers, my clients, co-workers, family members or anyone else.